A&A Coatings – Automotive Thermal Spray Coating

A&A Coatings has many years of hands-on experience in improving vehicle performance and increasing the service lifespan of automotive components through a set of processes collectively referred as thermal spraying. We provide specialized coatings for a wide range of engine transmission, steering and suspension components and many other automobile parts that are susceptible to wear and corrosion. With over 7 decades of combined cross-industry experience, we are confident to harness our technical knowledge and unparallel expertise for enhancing automobile performance.

Our specialized coating solutions are aimed at making vehicle components more wear and corrosion resistant. Our services tailored for the automotive industry can be broadly categorized into three groups:
– Engine Coating Solutions
– Transmission Coating Solutions
– Suspension and Steering Coating Solutions

Learn more about automotive thermal spray coating on www.thermalspray.com/industries/automotive/.